Our Beginnings

Telecel Faso officially begun in January 2000. Our company was founded during the mobile phone market liberalisation period which brought an end to the monopoly enjoyed by the former State company.

In May 2000, we launched operations by welcoming the first members of what would become the big Telecel family of Burkina Faso.

At that time, mobile phone services were still a luxury, enjoyed by but a few.

From the very beginning, we set our heart on bringing this new service to as many Burkinabé people as possible.

The Birth of a Philosophy

We were faced with a complex question. Given the massive investments required to set up top quality services, how could we put together a worthy offer, bearing in mind the socio-economic realities of our country?

Setting up in the Burkinabé region meant inventing a new philosophy. We thus decided that our company’s mission would be Offer More… .

This mission stems from a tangible vision, that through promoting connectivity it is our job to develop our country.

Connectivity, a Boost to Development

Our continent is the world’s youngest. At Telecel Faso, we are convinced that our African optimism, our conquering and innovative spirit, which is very strong in today’s youth, will make our country’s development a reality.

We deeply believe that in this long struggle for development, the potential shown by Burkinabé youth will be multiplied by our connectivity solutions.

With better connectivity:

  • Friends, families and relatives can help each other even more;
  • Pupils, students and apprentices can teach themselves even better;
  • Private and public organisations can increase their productivity and create even more added value.

This vision of our country and the role of connectivity in its development underpins everything we do for you every day.

Offering More in all Possible Ways

Our network not only allows you to communicate or search for information. Calling or writing to a brother, doing research on the internet or paying for services have become key elements in your lives, without which your life is no longer complete.

This is why we like to think that we offer connectivity solutions that contribute to your development and your growth.

As such, we Offer More than simply signal strength bars.

In our country, many people must make important choices regarding their tangible resources and in particular those providing connectivity.

This is why we want to help as many people as possible by providing connectivity solutions at an exceptionally clear price which always gives you more value for money than anyone else.

In this way too, we Offer More…

How do we do it?

To accomplish our mission of Offering More, we rely on three core values:

Side by Side with the Planor Africa Group

Planor Africa belongs to a Burkinabé investor and entrepreneur named Appolinaire T. Compaoré. Along with Telecel Faso, Appolinaire T. Compaoré owns ATEL, the Telecel brand operating company in Mali. He is also a shareholder of MTN Côte d’Ivoire.

Apart from his mobile phone interests, Appolinaire T. Compaoré is involved in numerous other business sectors:

  • Banking – Wendkuni International Bank;
  • Insurance – L’Union des Assurances du Burkina (The Burkina Insurance Union) and SONAR;
  • Equipment sales – La Société Burkinabé d’Equipments (the Burkinabé Equipment Company).
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